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Welcome to Spiritual Serenity

Singing Blue Flo started this conversation

Welcome to Spiritual Serenity! I am your moderator, Singing Blue Flower. Here we will be discussing anything in regards to your spiritual concerns and issues. All are welcome regardless of your faith. We come here to discuss anything pertaining to the spirit. What we do here is express our concerns freely and openly. The goal of me starting this group was to allow all to come as you are and share your spiritual views. We are here to help one another with spiritual directives and hopefully grow spiritually. I will incorporate some twleve step recovery for those in need of this. Twelve step recovery works for all who struggle with life, addictions, emotional, and spiritual matters. I have studied many different forms of spirituality for many, many years. I have incorporated into my own faith a multitude of different views as the result of my studies. So sit back, relax, breathe deeply and share your spirit with the group. I am hoping that together we can all grow spiritually by sharing our thoughts and views about what works for each individual who takes that step to evolve the spirit. Peace and love to you all!

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Singing Blue Flo

Well, I went to a meeting this evening and the topic was about being good to yourself. I promote this whenever the topic comes up. I tell people to put away the clib and get out the feather. Being good to yourself indicates a feeling of well being, nurturing, and having a spiritual connectedness to oneself. There are those of us who have the usage of a Higher Power. I pray and meditate to Great Spirit as I practice Native American spiritual traditions. The medicine shield is representative of the circle of life. There is a balance between nature, human kind, and everything that lives and breathes. There are the elemental factors of earth, fire, water, rock, and the four winds. Intertwined, there is a spiritual connectivity. Being a spiritual medium, I see, feel, and read energy. There are messages that come to me from my spirit guides. Today I went outside of where I work at, and there were two wolves. They were thin and obviously suffering as they were going through a garbage bag that was at the abandoned gas station next door to where I worked. My spiritual principles showed a spiritual significance to what I had witnessed. The sign of the times is this: Many of Mother Earth's children suffer. I too have experienced suffering to where I have lost weight and have become slender such as my brother and sister wolf. The wolf's medicine is teacher. They came there to teach a lesson to me. Mankind is destroying Mother Earth and so many of her children are suffering as a result of this. I lift my voice whenever possible to bring awareness to the other two leggeds. I am lifting my voice since the wolves are leery of humans and speak not only for them but for the rest of those who suffer. This was a grave warning sign that something has to happen and change or more will suffer. My question is this: How long are we going to allow the suffering to happen before we do something about it? It is almost as if people are walking in a lethargic state of being and oblivious to what goes on around them. It is a sad situation. Have we gone backwards on the scale of evolution? It seems as so. Are people that full of fear that they just sit idly by and let the power and control of the rich and greedy bulldoze the entire earth and it's beings out of existence? I ask these questions to provoke thoughts and ideas from others. People are not posting here because they are either afraid or just plain selfish and self centered. Go ahead then and follow suit of the rich and greedy who are an extreme example of selfishness and self-centeredness. It is your world too. If you are just going with the rotations of the earth and nothing more..just keep rotating and let the powerful keep controlling your world, your family, your friends, your money, etc. 

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